What Sales Promotional Staff Bring to Your Brand or Event

What Sales Promotional Staff Bring to Your Brand or EventWhat Sales Promotional Staff Bring to Your Brand or Event

It is a basic goal and one that every brand will share in common at some point – to sell more products. Promotions are the ideal vehicle to do just that because boosting sales figures is clearly something every brand would like to do.

Promotional staff are people with the experience and skill to get the most out of every promotional event, no matter what the product or service. Convincing customers that they are getting a great product for their cash, more customers will be willing to buy.

What are the pros of hiring promotional staff?

1. Showcase a new product

Maybe you have a new product to launch or maybe you have revamped a current one and want a re-launch promotion that showcases and demonstrates your product to a new customer base. If this is the case, hiring promotional staff is a great way of spreading the word and attracting attention.

2. Gain trust and increase engagement

Don’t underestimate the power a ‘simple’ conversation between a customer and a member of your promotional team can have. Neither should you underestimated a live demonstration or sampling event.

Buyers buy from people they trust and this means creating a good impression. It doesn’t matter whether you are a well-known brand or a start-up, if people feel they can trust you and your customer service is attentive and professional, they are more likely to buy.

3. Answer questions

Demonstrations are a great vehicle for answering the questions of potential consumers. It could be how something is best used or how to get the best results from using a product. The more people know about your product, the better.

Sampling staff can answer questions, as can demonstrators and promotional staff because they will do more than familiarise themselves with the product or service beforehand. They will get to know it, in-depth too.

4. Adding value to the shopping and buying experience

Adding value means different things to different people. But let’s take the example of free samples. Some people say never to give anything away for free but there is evidence that suggests it is a worthwhile exercise.

People who are given a free sample are more likely to buy – three times more likely to buy in fact. And it doesn’t end here. After their initial purchase, the 1,000 people questioned by a leading marketing research company, 78% claimed they would buy the product again such was the strength of positive association with the product and receiving a ‘free sample’.

Sampling in-store is not just for food, it can be other related items too. So rather than giving away a product, why not give away a free recipe card or a time-limited discount offer when they buy online… the options and possibilities are almost endless!

5. More sales

Let’s emphasise this again: promotional staff can close more sales if this is the goal and target you give them to work towards.

The last part of that sentence is important. For any promotional event to work and to get the most from hiring sales promotional staff, it needs to be powered by a strategy and fuelled by a plan.

Get it right and the promotional event could put your product and brand onto a stratospheric journey.

It isn’t all sell, sell, sell

Promotional staff are a shrewd bunch. They know that by talking with your customers they gain…

  • Valuable feedback about everything from the packaging to price point and more
  • More traction for your brand online too, encouraging them to share their thoughts and photos on social media
  • More traffic for your website (and social media) as they reach out and connect with people at events
  • Exposure for your brand by making sure marketing materials is put into the hands of your customer demographic

With trained and experienced promotional staff working with your brand, there are no limits to success. The question is, are you ready for it?


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