Retail and Supermarket Promotional Staff

Retail and Supermarket Promotional Staff

Investing in product promotions and launches has never been more important. With such a competitive marketplace, you need to be confident you are reaching not only the right people but as many potential customers as possible.

Customers won’t automatically flock to a product launch or special promotion but when they do, you need to have everything and everybody in place to make the event a success.
When this doesn’t happen, the damage to a business’s reputation can take some time to undo.

Don’t fall into this trap. Hire professional, experienced retail promotional staff from Promotional Staff Manchester.

Why hire promotional staff for a product launch or special offer events?

In effect, hiring temporary sales and promotional staff has become a common business trend. And that means it must be something that works for a business.

No matter how well-established or what your business turnover is, hiring staff is expensive. People on the payroll is not just about paying their salary but the additional fringe benefits required.

Employing staff is also a long-term commitment but at times, you need people of a short-term and temporary basis, such as when launching a product or holding a promotion.
Sales and promotional staff from Promotional Staff Manchester is the ideal solution.

Will hired promotional staff look like employees?

For many of our clients, a concern is that it will be obvious staff are ‘hired in’. We understand that continuing your branding is incredibly important which is why we suggest uniforms are supplied for any promotional or launch event.

If not, we can ensure that our staff are dressed appropriately and it goes without saying that ALL staff are briefed on the product, the event, what they are to do (and not do!) and so on BEFORE they arrive

Why choose Promotional Staff Manchester?

There are many benefits of hiring professional promotional and launch staff from us;

  • We have the experience to ensure that you get the people that you want and need to make your event a success
  • Our staff have been part of many different promotional events for a range of companies and brands so we have an understanding of what makes a great launch or promotion event
  • Personable and intelligent, our promotional staff are responsive, identifying opportunities and driven to do the very best for your brand
  • Is hiring promotional or launch event staff expensive?

We think it is a cost-effective investment – in fact, we know it is! With professional staff on hand to engage customers, make sales and qualify leads, you will find that any special event has the opportunity to be what you want and need it to be.

We work with our clients every step of the way, providing a comprehensive and cost-effective service.

We work with you so you get the best service from the best promotional staff on our database so your event is what you want it to be but within budget.

And being a local to Manchester agency, you won’t be spending money on travel costs either!

How do I find out more about hiring staff from Promotional Staff Manchester?

Just give us a call and talk to a member of our team on 0844 800 0071. Or you can always drop us an email


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