Promotional Staff or Sales Teams? Why Promo Staff at Your Next Manchester Trade Show is the Best Move

why use promo staff at trade showsPromotional Staff or Sales Teams? Why Promo Staff at Your Next Manchester Trade Show is the Best Move

Research proves what we have known for years – it is the booth staff that attendees from trade shows and exhibitions remember after the event doors have closed.

Face-to-face engagement is what our Manchester exhibition services are all about. Taking time to make that all important first impression, you can be forgiven for thinking that any exhibition staff team will do.

But the research also shows something else – sales teams may not be the most effective at a trade show or exhibition. What you need is a promotional staff team. But why?

#1 Engagement before sales

Connecting with potential customers is the reason why most brands choose to exhibit at trade shows and exhibitions at Manchester Central or Event City, or for in-store promotions at busy places such as InTu’s Trafford Centre.

Trade shows and similar events are important ‘touchpoints’ for clients and brands. Your customers can meet you and find out more about the human side of the brand, and you get to ‘see’ your customers.

This is an important starting point and not one that needs to be clouded by a sales team leaping on someone at their first point of contact with your brand. Just think how much information a promotional team could glean from the people who are your customers through conversation?

Impressions count – and the hard sell impression leaves a bitter after taste for many potential customers.

#2 Keep your sales team where they are most effective

Promotional teams are all about the brand, extending its reach, connecting and engaging with people.

A sales team is all about meeting sales targets.

Both bring certain qualities to the table but it may be that your sales team should be left in the place where the ae most successful – and that is, making sales to qualified leads away from the trade show or exhibition, information that was possibly supplied to them by the promotional team in the first place.

#3 Promotional staff can qualify leads

And this leads nicely onto the skill that many of our promotional people have – qualifying leads.

Trade shows and Manchester exhibitions are fundamental in the marketing plan of many businesses large and small. From the hundreds of people the promo team will talk to over the duration of the event, they will qualify each one.

They will gather details of people interested in hearing more from you and they will also qualify how ready to buy they are. They will give valuable leads to your sales team for clients who have the purchasing power and ready to buy.

#4 Information gatherers

We have already hinted at the value of the information and feedback that promotional teams can gather at key Manchester trade shows for your brand.

In the days of GDPR and heightened fears relating to security breaches, data being lost, stolen or hacked, sometimes an ‘old-fashioned’ conversations and anonymised feedback is the way to gather the information that a brand needs.

People also feel valued when they are asked what they think of something or how to improve it. This in itself is a form of subtle selling – raising brand awareness and leaving people with a great impression could mean they are more likely to buy from you over your competitors.

The right people

Exhibitions are busy places, as are trade shows. Attracting attention, engaging with people striking up a conversation and so on are all skills that can be learnt but there is also character to consider.

Hiring professional promotional staff for Manchester events means that asking your own people to do something they are not trained to do and are uncomfortable in that environment can be avoided.

Professional promotional people are organised. They know how to strike up a conversation and optimised the results you want from a trade show.

It makes sense to find out more about what a professional promotional staffing agency can offer your brand, especially if it means getting more from your next trade show.


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