Manchester Christmas Markets – What, when & where?

Manchester Christmas markets

Manchester Christmas Markets

Manchester Christmas Markets – What, when & where?

Once a year there’s an event that spreads the holiday cheer, and this time of magic vibrant Christmas activity all takes place in the very heart of Manchester. People flock from all over the UK to visit this once a year shopping extravaganza. It’s a great time to spend with loved ones while getting all you’re Christmas shopping out of the way in one place, if your heart so desires of course. In the process, you’ll get to enjoy the hustle and bustle of activities between shoppers and vendors alike. Best of all is the cost of admission: gratis, of course.

This Christmas festival of sorts will be taking place this year from Thursday 10 November – Tuesday 20 December 2016 and you won’t want to miss it. When you arrive, you’ll be awestruck as you’re greeted by what can only be described as a massive Christmas festival. Taking place in ten distinct locations (shopping districts) around Manchester you’ll find over 350 stalls and booths along with other attraction. Each of these ten districts has something different to offer for everyone, coming with their own distinct culture and character. You’ll never know what to expect from visit to the next.

In addition to shopping there will be plenty of exotic and international cuisine for the refined palette. Whatever you fancy you can imagine it’s there. If you get weary from a day of shopping and sight-seeing feel free to warm up with a hot chocolate or relax and kick back with a beer distinctly crafted by Spanish and German brewers. All the mugs and glasses are returnable and reusable too, so your Christmas will be green as well as white. No need to fret if you’re a vegetarian either because there’s plenty of animal-free options for whatever you crave. Along with some savory eats and tasty beverages you’ll also find several handmade crafts and gifts that please the eyes and capture the imagination. You’ll find toys, jewelry, leather goods kitchenware, hygiene products, and just about anything else you can imagine.

Come out with a few friends or bring the whole family, just make sure you bring your pocketbook and an appetite for fun and extravagance.

Retail, Sampling & Sales Staff Manchester

We provide promotional people across Manchester and to assist setting up, selling and promoting our clients stores at the markets. We also provide professional Father Christmas performers and elves!  If you would like a quote for any type or event staff to assist you or promote your wares at the Manchester Christmas Markets, get in touch!

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