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hire staff for comic conHire Performers & Promotions Staff for Manchester Comic Con

Comic Con events are held at prestigious venues across the world. In the UK, the major shows are held in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Held on different weekends throughout the year, they are an event growing in popularity. From movies to sci-fi, comics, cosplay, anime and gaming, the Manchester Comic Con is not to be missed.

Attendees rub shoulders with writers, actors and producers, as well as gamers, a dream come true for fans of iconic comic characters, brought to life on the big screen.

Organisers tell their fans that they will have a chance to take part in on-stage panels, as well as check out the colourful costumes of Cosplay masquerades… and more…

For exhibitors and brands, this means putting on a show. It means uniformed and costumed performers who understand the passion and the following behind events such as Manchester Comic Con.

It means being ‘in character’. It means performing, with passion. And it means being able to talk to and communicate with fans of all ages and nationalities.

promo staff comic conWhy hire professional performers from Promotional Staff Manchester?

With Manchester Comic Con organisers promising big names and plan to welcome famous actors to their event year after year, the footfall numbers continue to increase.

For any brand or business in the field of gaming, movies or Comic Con Manchester related fields, missing out on this truly epic event is not an option.

But you must maximise every opportunity – exactly what hiring professional performers from Promotional Staff Manchester does.

We have a range of talented performers, all able and willing to bring your brand, business, product, service or gaming characters to life. Their professionalism knows no bounds and their passion and understanding of what makes this kind of event truly unique matches their professionalism.

For your brand, this means increased exposure, increased engagement rate and, if you want it, more sales and interest in what you do.

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Our staff are local to Manchester, representing a significant saving to you. But this doesn’t mean its slim-pickings because we have thousands of talented professionals and performers waiting to make your brand a success at Manchester Comic Con.

But be quick. With Comic Con events for this year starting to take shape, clients are calling us now to book their performers and talent team for upcoming events and performances. You too could hire professional hosts and hostesses for VIP events, sales teams, promotional staff or demonstrators for this popular event in Manchester.

There is nothing too quirky or too different that the talented people at Promotional Staff Manchester can’t rise too. From daily performances to a top team at your stand or booth for the duration of the event, we have the right people.

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