How to Plan an Effective Leafleting Campaign in Manchester

How to Plan an Effective Leafleting Campaign in ManchesterHow to Plan an Effective Leafleting Campaign in Manchester

Manchester is a large city, a thronging metropolis with a diverse population, a proportion of which are your customers. Reaching your customer demographic can be done with numerous marketing vehicles, from online marketing and social media to offline marketing tactics.

Leaflets, flyers and postcards are printed materials that can – if the copy is right, the deal attractive and the call to action strong – make a difference. But flyers also need to be put into the right hands.

Intelligent flyering services is when marketing team identify people who are your customer demographic and make sure they not only get a flyer in their hand but also a positive impression of your brand.

Successful flyering in Manchester means…

#1 Determining your budget for the project

Manchester is a big city and so deciding which areas you want to cover will impact on time and resources including the costs of producing the flyers in significant quantities. Get it right, and you could find your leaflets making an impact during busy shopping times in the city centre.

#2 Designing a winning leaflet or flyer

Our street marketing teams can and do make a positive impact for our clients. To ride this success you need to be confident in the design and content of your leaflet. This means making sure that;

  • Content hits the mark in terms of the right balance of information and marketing speak
  • Brand colours are foremost along with your logo and other key elements of your branding kit
  • Graphics support your message and not detract from it
  • Offers and deals are attractive

#3 Tracking your offline marketing efforts

Measuring offline marketing tools and campaigns can be notoriously difficult. Some experts go as far to say that this difficulty in tracking and measuring its success means that some offline marketing campaigns may not work as well as we hope or desire them to.

However, with an attractive deal that includes customers using a code to access it, you have a firmer idea of which flyering campaigns in Manchester worked. You can code each batch of flyers accordingly to the area, day and so on.

#4 Being environmentally aware

The modern consumer is a savvy one and one who has growing concerns around waste.

Clearly, you don’t want flyers fluttering along Manchester streets and neither do you want bundles of leaflets left over once the flyering campaign is over.

Think carefully about the paper or card options, as well as the number of leaflets your order.

#5 Professional street marketing teams

You could, if they are agreeable, send out your whole team to leaflet every passing person.

From the reception team to accounts, using your own staff may make sense. However, invest in professional street marketing teams and you WILL notice a difference in uptake of your leaflets and thus, the number of customers who access your deal.

#6 Being clear as to the customer target

You have a customer demographic but if there a customer you specifically want to target?

Maybe it’s the student population or a certain age group, either way knowing who you are aiming your street flyering campaign in Manchester at will also contribute to it being successful.


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