How to Hire Staff for Chinese New Year in Manchester

How to Hire Staff for Chinese New Year in ManchesterHow to Hire Staff for Chinese New Year in Manchester

As a multi-cultural society, there are many festivals and events that are celebrated throughout the calendar. One that is important is Chinese New year. Important to the Chinese community in Manchester, many other people also join in this noisy and very colourful celebration that welcomes another year. As a result, you may be wondering how to hire staff for Chinese New Year in Manchester.

When is Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year coincides with the lunar calendar and so celebrations take place after January 1st. The date each year will change as a result. In 2020, Chinese New Year is 25th January and in 2021, it will be celebrated on February 12th.

Part of the Spring celebrations in Chinese culture, each year also has an animal assigned to it. There are 12 animals in all and in 2020, the Year of the Rat will be celebrated.

Although we see rats in a derogatory light, in Chinese astrology they are one of the strongest signs. Anyone born in the year of the rat will be smart and adaptable.

Why is Chinese New Year so important?

In China, this is the main celebration. It is the time to honour the family and to remember ancestors too. It is the celebration that brings everyone together, with food and company at the very heart of the celebration.

And when people migrated from China, this important festival was not forgotten. As communities grew in cities and towns across the UK, so too did the celebrations that took place in Britain.

Full of colour and spectacle, it is no wonder that everyone joins in.

Manchester Chinese New Year celebrations

With the second-largest Chinese community in the UK, it is small wonder that the Chinese New Year celebrations in Manchester are as big as they are!

In 2020, the last weekend of January in Manchester will be alive with ancient Chinese dragons walking the streets and parades of all kinds. It promises to be as big and as vibrant as ever.

For many groups, organisations and businesses, Chinese New Year also represents a significant point on their calendar. From encouraging people to try their products to welcoming people to their business, there are many reasons why you would need to hire staff for the coming celebrations.

Hiring the right promotional staff for Chinese New Year in Manchester

When hiring promotional staff, there are many factors to consider;

Skills – if you have specific promotional service in mind, you need staff with the right promotional skills.

Local – better still, local promotional staff would also be beneficial in many ways. With less money spent on travel and accommodation, you get more promotional services for your budget.

Understanding – as a cultural festival, you also want promotional staff who have an understanding of the importance of this festival too.

Cost – and finally, you have a budget, something that we understand. With our competitive rates, you know you’ll have great, local promotional staff with the right skills at the right price.


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