High Street Marketing – Effective Promotional Outreach

street-marketing-teams-manchesterHigh Street Marketing – Effective Promotional Outreach

This article will explain how to reach your customers where they are in your promotional campaigns in marketing. It can act as somewhat of a guide to at least get you started.

Going Out To Meet Them

Going out to meet your customers is an essential part of this strategy as you cannot always rely on the “build it and they will come” adage, for in business we know we have invite them, and even then there’s no guarantee we can make them come. So you have to start by reaching your customers where you know they are. This can include two types of outreaches:

Street Teams:

In this type of outreach you would bring together a time of promotional staff to essentially canvas the crowded areas and streets of wherever it is you’re conducting your outreach. In this case you will including basic promotional activities like leaflet distribution. The goal here will be to reach as many people as possible in hopes you will reach some interested parties. In this case it will also help if your staff members are also available to answer questions and engage in a friendly way with the general public as they represent your company. In additions to mere leaflet distribution you could also provide:

• Product sampling
• Product demonstrations
• Social media engagement
• Lead acquisitions (getting customers to sign-up)

Promotional Spaces:
Promotional spaces are a bit different in that your customers will likely be more targeted and your team will be staying in a bit smaller of a space. This includes placements as festivals, trade shows, and various exhibitions. This works excellently for targeted traffic because you will likely have a large crowd already gathered that has an interest in what you have to sell. The concepts are essentially the same except your set up will be more static. This limits mobility but it also allows you more potential ideas for set up and activities. In this case your strategy is all about Location! Location! Location! Make sure to pick venues that match what you’re selling. You won’t want to bring plates to a cutlerly convention, for example.

A little bit of Both:
It is generally ideal to have a little bit of both in your various outreaches and promotional strategies. In some cases you can create a fusion of the two methods, say with a vehicle that hosts your moving promotional booth. In other cases you may hire a street outreach team to drive traffic to your trade show booth. There are many possibilities that combine these strategies for the ideal promotion. This allows the maximum outreach to the most people while also allow the most in experiential activities, product demonstrations, etc. It’s the best of both worlds!

Just as important as location timing is just about everything. For busy street activities it’s generally best to hit the road between 10am and 4pm, especially on weekends. Some professionals may also want to look at Thursday and Friday as options to reach working people as well. Timing and foot traffic will always go hand in hand.

Also remember that the streets are loud and busy with plenty of distractions. Come up with a promotion that sticks out and is guaranteed to get plenty of attention.

Street Marketing Teams in Manchester

If this is something you have been thinking about in the Manchester or surrounding area’s and wondered how much it woudl cost for experienced staff, click here to be directed to our contact page!

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