Caravan & Motorhome Show

hire staff at the caravan show ManchesterCarry on Caravanning at the Event City Caravan and Motorhome Show

Caravanning and motorhomes are popular past times in the UK. With its popularity showing no signs of slowing, it is no surprise that you have booked into the north’s biggest caravan show.

The EventCity Caravan and Motorhome Show normally runs for four days in January, the Manchester show promises to be four-days of excitement, not just for caravanners looking for the latest models and products, but for businesses like yourself.

Maximising Return on Investment

Exhibiting at these kinds of shows can be worth their weight in gold. But a popular show will often mean high stand and exhibitor rates. It is an investment and as such, you need to be confident it will give you the return your business needs.

This may mean setting sales targets or collecting information or leads from potential customers. It may mean having professional promotional people to staff your stand to bring in the enquiries and the interest.

For many businesses, this is the pitfall – a small number of staff attempting to be everything to all people. Not everyone, for example, …

… is a gifted salesperson; not everyone can qualify leads (is someone really interested in buying?)
… feels comfortable with small talk or staffing an exhibition stand, even when they do know the product and brand inside out.

And this is why relying on a team of expert promotional staff is a step in the right direction!

Essentially, your brand needs to ooze professionalism. Your team at the Caravan and Motorhome Show in Manchester need to look and act ‘the part’, they need to be engaging, they need to be trained, and they need to be briefed.

And these means promotional staff. So why not hire a team from Promotional Staff Manchester?

Product Distribution exhibition staff caravan show ManchesterExperienced, Professional, Local

We understand you may be worried about ‘handing over’ your brand into the hands of people you don’t know. This is why we work with you to put together the best team for you and your brands.

We have a staff team that is continually evolving. We vet people when they come to work for us, making sure we have a wide range of skills and experience, perfect for creating a bespoke but experienced promotion teams for your clients.

What is it that you need?

We provide bespoke tailored solutions simply because no two clients want or need the same thing. Our staff team can provide a range of services, including;

• Promotional staff
When you need engaging promotional staff at your stand, we have the right people for the job. Whether you require two or three people or a far bigger team, we can supply promotional staff who are professional, experienced and local.

• Data collection
Marketing actions and campaigns need to be tailored to fit your customer demographic, but you only get to know who this is by collecting data. Why not hire staff for data collection at the Caravan and Motorhome show?

• Admin or Booth Staff

For any business, large and small, finding the right staffing ratio of the stand is tough, especially if it means staff spending four days away from what they would normally be doing. We have a staff team ready and waiting to supply show admin services, as well as helping to put up and dismantle your stand.

Hire the Perfect Team for the Manchester Caravan Show

Whether it is for this event or another Manchester-based show or exhibition, we have the right people to make it a success. Email our expert team on or call us on 0844 800 0071.