Children Events This Summer at INTU Trafford Shopping Centre Manchester

Children Events This Summer at INTU Trafford Shopping Centre ManchesterChildren Events This Summer at INTU Trafford Shopping Centre Manchester

Managers of shopping centre complexes have long known the importance of pulling customers into their retail spaces. At one time, it was to entice customers to buy but in recent years, there has been more of a social appeal to events at shopping centres. With this in mind, the INTU Trafford Centre Manchester has a full calendar of events for children and their frazzled parents and grandparents right through the summer holidays.

LEGO Land Discovery Centre

Starting in May, the LEGO Land Discovery Centre is open right through the summer holidays until 4th September. It promises to be a very popular event throughout the weeks its doors are open, with footfall expected to increase significantly over the summer holiday period.

At Promotional Staff Manchester, we work with event organisers across Manchester and in the North West to provide promotional staff that contribute to making the event a success.

Why queue management is important

You may recall the pay-your-age promotion fiasco with high street retailer Build-a-Bear which happened in July 2018. Aside from the promotion not being entirely thought through, there were also issues with long queues forming outside of Build-a-Bear premises.

Queue management is an essential part of any promotion. Being caught by surprise doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. A call to a local Manchester promotional staffing agency means that queue busters and managers are on site to help manage the gathering crowds.

Pirates and Mermaids at Sea Life

Another popular event being held from now until September is a spectacular mermaids and pirates event at Sea Life.

There are those who believe in the magic of mermaids (and why not? They are as magical as unicorns in our book) and the swashbuckling adventures of pirates and mermaids on the high seas are enough to fuel the imagination of little ones.

Now imagine how children will love the appeal of a real-life mermaid swimming underwater, waving at them from inside the vast tanks at Sea Life! A great way to spend an afternoon or a morning, a conversation piece for weeks to come.

The Big Bug Tour

From the start to the end of July, the Trafford Centre Manchester is welcoming all kinds of bugs, bees and butterflies for children to find out more about as they take a tour through the amazing event that is the Big Bug Tour.

Focussing on 12 gigantic and beautifully designed bug, children get to safely explore the detail on insects and why they have the detailing they have on their bodies. Well worth a visit for anyone, no matter their age!

Bugtastic Book Reading

Running in parallel with the Big Bug Tour is the Bugtastic reading event at Waterstone’s in the Trafford Centre. If there is one way of encouraging children to read and explore the written word, it is when it mirrors something they are interested in as well as an experience they have just enjoyed, like the big Bug Tour.

Getting it right

With so many great events at the Trafford Centre, Manchester, it’s really important that the small details are thought about. It also means having plenty of staff on-hand to help families access and enjoy the events. And that means promotional and event staff who know how to make it happen.


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