A Guide to Successful Exhibitions in Manchester for Beginners

A Guide to Successful Exhibitions in Manchester for BeginnersA Guide to Successful Exhibitions in Manchester for Beginners

New to exhibitions? Want to be confident that you will get the results you need from exhibiting at a prime event or exhibition in Manchester? You need this quick guide for exhibition newbies…

#1 Choosing the right event

Before you start planning your discounts or ordering leaflets, you need to be confident you have signed up for the right trade show or exhibition. You also need to be confident that exhibiting is the right move for your brand and that means looking deeper than the sales speak from event organisers.

Thus, take a look at the calendars of premium event venues in Manchester including Manchester Central and Event City Manchester at the shows, events and exhibitions they play host to.

The venue may not be the event organiser. Private event organising companies will organise specific events and so you will contact the event organisers for more information on costs and how to book.

What do you need to look at closely;

  • Number of attendees who will visit the show
  • Who attends? That is, are they have purchasing power?
  • Who else is exhibiting? The wider and more diverse the exhibitors, the wider and more diverse the people attending.
  • Cost and what you get for the cost of hiring a booth – is furniture and electricity included?

#2 Creating a plan

Like all other marketing activities, an exhibition strategy will clearly set out what you want to achieve at the show.

Objectives – or goals – should be SMART:


For example, by the end of the two-day event, you want to sell 12 units to 12 new customers and capture contact details for qualified leads. Is this specific enough (it could be more detailed)? It could be achievable if you have the right staff with the right tools.

#3 Assemble a great staff team

Your stand is booked. Your strategy is in place. You have your marketing material ready and your not-to-be-missed deals and discounts.

Now you need your ace trade show team. These are the people who will make contact with delegates, discuss products and services, collect contact details and all the other things that will make your time at the exhibition a success.

They need to be reliable, have character and personality, they need to know all about your brand, products or services and they need to be comfortable and thrive on the pressure that a trade show stand or exhibition booth brings.

It’s tempting to assume that a team of employees will do the job just as well but what you may find is that not everyone enjoys the experience. It can be stressful, hot and very tiring.

It can also be disappointing if your goals are not reached.

Hiring a team of experience promotional staff for a Manchester event may seem like a cost too far, especially if you are a start-up but spending this extra cash will bring a higher ROI.

Tapping into their experience and using their skills for selling and capturing details from your customers will yield fantastic results.

Hired exhibition staff can do much more than sell too!

In summary

This is a very quick overview of how to make exhibitions in Manchester work for your brand. Will this be the year your brand flies high at an exhibition?

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